Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shonen Jump

Hey! KandiRaver here giving my nerd thoughts on the world of anime!

So, I've recently discovered a magazine for guys that is all about anime, manga, etc. It's fantastic! I figured I'd blog about it this week.
That's basically what the cover looks like. This specific one ^ is from January 2008. Shonen Jump likes to include Naruto alot, seeing that it's one of the most popular anime's/manga's in the world. It also includes lots of other popular shows, like Death Note.
I like the magazine because I can geek out and not feel weird about it, because most of the stuff in it is all fan feedback, and there's ALOT.
Like I said before, the magazine is mostly geared towards guys. There's a magazine almost exactly like it called "Shojo Beat", but it's geared towards female readers and is more about girlier animes, like Vampire Knight and Ouran High School Host Club.
But anyway..that's about all I have to say about Shonen Jump. I'm a fan. Buy it. Read it. Good stuff.

See ya next week!

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