Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anime Of The Week

Hey! KandiRaver here, giving my nerd thoughts on anime!

This week I've been geeking out ALOT about the anime 'Naruto'. I've gotta say, it's probably my favorite show out of all of them.
So, of course, the anime of the week is...Naruto!
Epic picture right there.

Okay, so basically the show is based around that dude in orange up there. That's Naruto. He has a dream: to become the greatest hokage! The hokage is the strongest ninja of the village and leads them.
Naruto is on a team with two other kids. Sakura Haruno, the schizophrenic annoying one, and Sasuke Uchiha, the hottie emo kid with a big ego. The are led by their sensei (teacher), Kakashi, a laid-back porn loving mysterious kick-a** lazy guy. They are team 7, or Team Kakashi.
The other four other teams that are mostly focused on is Team Guy, which includes Tenten, a weapon loving chick, Neji, a complete a-hole, and Rock Lee, an adorable enthusiatic guy with a bowl cut. They are led by Gai-sensei. Team Guy is below.

The next team is Team 8. Team 8 includes Kiba, an arrogant dog lover and his puppy Akamaru, Hinata, an extremely shy girl, and Shino, the quiet guy who uses bugs as his weapon. They are led by Kurenai, a mysterious woman who can do cool stuff with illusions.

Team Asuma is the next team. In it is Shikamaru, a lazy but brilliant minded ninja, Ino, an annoying girl who has no powers whatsoever except mind control, and Choji, the fat guy. They are led by Asuma, a chain smoking gangster who has cool brass knuckle knives.

The last team is the Sand Siblings. They come from the village called Suna. The team consists of Temari, a crude but cool girl who uses a giant fan as her weapon, Kankuro, a guy who is constantly smiling and uses puppets to murder people, and Gaara, a psycho kid who uses sand to uh..destroy things.
There are many other characters to Naruto, but it would take FOREVER to name and describe them all.

But, that's basically the main plot to Naruto. There's also a part 2 type of thing to Naruto, called Naruto: Shippuden. The characters are all 2 years older in Shippuden, and the series is still ongoing.

But, that's all for now! See you next week!

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