Monday, May 16, 2011

Anime Stereotypes

I gave up on the challenge. No more.

So, this week, I've decided to talk about the stereotypical characters often seen in anime.
In every anime, there's always characters that share.. specific characteristics with characters from other animes. For example, there's always the:
Pervert and the accidental pervert (meaning, he's the one who accidentally walks into the girls locker room)
The random people who are actually Asian but never get mentioned in the show
The bit**y princess-like girl
The arrogant, tall, quiet guys
The spazzy fan girls
The klutzy guys
The twins
The yaoi fan girls
The angsty guy
The girl who is secretly crazy
The weird girl who has supernatural powers
The crossdresser
The spazzy girl everybody hates
The girl who is part cat
Oh, and every anime has a cat. Heh, I guess Japan just really loves cats =)

The list is endless! But I know for a fact there's almost all of these stereotypes in every anime I watch, and it leads to an interesting show. Kuroshitsuji has the pervert, the crossdresser, the weird girl who has supernatural powers, the spazzy girl everyone hates, the angsty guy, the girl who is secretly crazy, the twins, and the arrogant, tall, dark guy, cats. Oh! And the foreigners too.
It's also fun to go through anime's and find all these stereotypes. They also help people decide what their favorite characters are (like myself, haha).
Now I feel the need to post a picture of Grell =O
But I'm not going to.
That's all for now!

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