Sunday, April 10, 2011

Character Of The Week

Hey! KandiRaver here yet again, giving my nerd thoughts on the world of anime!

It's once again time for character of the week, so this week it's America from Axis
Powers: Hetalia!

And yes, I purposely picked America because the sterotype he plays is sooo

Here's some facts about America:
Name- Arthur
Date Of Birth- July 4th, 1776
In Hetalia, America is usually seen taking control of the allie meetings and always
appointing himself as the hero..because that's really what America does in
real life. XD He is usually seen with a hamburger and milkshake in his hand, but
somehow he stays in remarkable shape for all the artery clogging burgers he eats.
He has a hate/love relationship with England ever since the revolutionary war.

America is descended from England's family.

See ya next week!

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