Monday, January 31, 2011

Character Of The Week

Hey! KandiRaver here, giving my nerd thoughts on the world of anime!

My last post was basically all about the show Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), since I chose it as the anime of the week. This post is 'Character Of The Week', where I'll choose a specific character from the previously talked about show and tell all about them. Like Anime of the Week posts, these will reoccur every few weeks.

The character I chose for this week is...

Undertaker!! (from Black Butler)

Undertaker is a very eccentric man, as most would say. He was once a legendary shinigami, a god of death, but is now retired and works as an undertaker..and LOVES it.
Instead of making people pay in money for their loved one's funeral expenses, he makes them tell him a good joke for a good laugh.
His laugh
and smile
are actually the two things most people know him by. (Doesn't this picture just make you smile? XD)

Another cool thing about Undertaker is his awesomely awesome death scythe.

While a shinigami, he used this to collect souls and such.

Here are a few more random facts about Undertaker:
-He is often seen eating bone shaped dog biscuits and driking tea from a beaker
-Him and Grell Sutcliffe are totally bff's

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